Watercolor Architecture Renderings

Hire an Experienced Digital Watercolor Illustrator for your next architecture or urban design project.

Please note: Prices are listed to save you time in your decision-making process. Figures on this page are a guideline and may be subject to change based on the nuances of your project. For an accurate estimate, book a "Getting Started" Call.

Best for Small Projects

Single Architectural Renderings

Need a rendering to make sure your client "gets it" while they absorb the genius of your 2D drawings and 3D models?

I got you covered. We can work together on an as-needed basis.

Starts at: $2,500 for the first Rendering

Let's set up a time to chat to make sure you get what you need.

How We Work

Step 1:

You send us a your drawings and details about your desired views.

Step 2:

We send a sketch for approval, and design missing details when needed.

Step 3:

We send a detailed line drawing for revisions and approval

Step 4:

We send a final colored version for revisions and approval.

Frequently Asked Questions


What drawing formats can we send you?

We accept 2D drawings in .PDF, .PNG, and .JPEG formats. We accept 3D models in .SKP format. All files can be uploaded to our secure cloud storage system for easy transfers.

If we find that your designs still need further development before rendering, we can aid in your design process and add that to our fee.


What sizes and file formats do you produce?

Finished renderings are sent in both .JPG and .PNG formats. Most drawings are done at a resolution of 300dpi on a 12" x 18" poster size canvas that reproduces exceptionally well on a standard U.S. 11" x 17" (ledger), and can be printed at 24" x 36" without noticeable loss of resolution.


Are there any copyright restrictions on the renderings you produce?

All final renderings are "work for hire", and thus belong to you as the Contractor in our relationship, with the exception that we may use the renderings and any resulting images, such as working files and process sketches, in our portfolio and educational media.


What about client confidentiality?

Of course, some clients and projects may be highly sensitive. We respect your confidentiality as well as your clients' confidentiality, when applicable, if you inform us of the terms of your confidentiality agreements in writing in advance. We still maintain the right to use the renderings in an anonymous fashion for portfolio and educational use as described above.

Best for Large and Ongoing Projects

Design Charrette Illustrator

Whether you have an upcoming design charrette (intensive multi-day design workshop) or you need an experienced illustrator on-board to develop multiple iterations of your designs for client presentations over several months, we can help!

Brian becomes an integral part of your design team in the days leading up to your presentations, as well as during your followup to incorporate client feedback into renderings as they get finalized.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you also offer 3D computer renderings?

No. I can work within SketchUp to set views, but I do not create 3D models nor do I incorporate 3D modeling software in my workflow.

My strength is in creating the charming hand-drawn watercolor renderings that are so adored in our New Urbanist niche.


Is your followup included in your fees?

Yes. Charrette drawings are almost never final drawings. I allocate time post-Charrette to regroup with your team and make needed adjustments to Charrette renderings before proceeding with final versions.

In general, I’ve found that shorter Charrettes allow for fewer drawings, and longer Charrettes allow for more. This is anticipated in my Pricing Schedule, and I do my best to communicate in advance when anything outside of the typical ranges comes up: for example, additional time needed for seven final drawings to come out of a 5-day Charrette can be billed hourly.

The usual back-and-forth is considered in my fees. In most cases I’m very accommodating, and you’ll never need to pay anything additional.


Do you travel?

Yes. I also work remotely most of the time. Since I'm based in Germany (for now) and most of my clients are based in the U.S.A. we take advantage of the time zone difference to "overnight" drawings, for your presentations the following day.


Do you have a team?

Yes. I work with a number of talented designers whom are often available when needed for large projects.


Do you use A.I. in your workflow?

Of course. I use every available tool within my realm of awareness that I know will bring you better results, faster, and for less cost.

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Follow Us

Hi, I'm Brian Lemmerman!

I help architects and urban designers render their designs in an appealing way so their clients can make confident design approvals and watch their investments come to life without getting hung-up on details found in rigid computer drawings.

I also help you attract better clients with less effort using A.I. driven communication and rendering tools.

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