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Communication is how we serve – before and during our client relationships.

This includes everything we do in our sales & marketing as well as in our design presentations.

Become the architect clients want to work with and look forward to paying.

Architects and Designers:

Daily Tips and Hacks to Uplevel Your Client Presentations and Render like a Pro (cuz you are) you can "wow" your clients and get more projects!

Essential Digital Architectural Rendering Resources

I often get asked about the tools I use, so I've compiled the list below to point you in the direction of those resources.

Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase after selecting one from the list, I earn a small commission that enables my chocolate habit. I only promote products that I use and love myself, and I don't advocate spending money on things you don't need.

A Way Better Screen Drawing Experience


Drawing on glass sucks.

That's why I use this amazing "paper-etched" glass screen protector for my iPad Pro that gives your Apple Pencil that resistance and paper-like feel you need to produce smoother lines and have a far more gratifying art-making experience.

Paperlike comes in multiple sizes, and they provide two Paperlike screen protectors per order, so in case you mess up the installation (you won't – it's easy), you can have a backup Paperlike handy.

$44.99 for two Paperlike protectors

Make 3D Renderings from Sketches

Draw3D A.I. Rendering Tool

Most A.I. image generation tools are complicated and don't give you the control you need to render your actual drawings.

This one is different.

Despite the suspect English grammar mistakes across this site, Draw3D works beautifully, and creates 3D renders from my hand-drawings in 20 seconds or less.

My free illustration course shows you how it saves me countless hours coloring by hand.

Starts at: $10/month

Watercolor Like a Pro in Seconds

Waterlogue Pro

Digital Watercolor Brushes in apps like ProCreate and Adobe Fresco just don't make authentic-looking paintings.

This can compromise your renderings' ability to charm clients.

Waterlogue Pro fixes that by turning your rough-colored drawings into authentic-feeling watercolor paintings faster than you can cross-hatch a goose.

The Pro version outputs images up to 8K resolution, and there's also a mobile version.

$39.99 for Pro

A.I. Powered Sales and Marketing Software

HighLevel for Architects

When I first started as a freelance illustrator, I spent countless frustrating hours cobbling together tools like Wordpress for my website, MailChimp for my email marketing, and HubSpot for my CRM. It was costly and time-consuming.

These tools also didn't cover other things I wanted to do like text message marketing, social media management, and online course creation.

Now I have all of that in one platform that does it all really well – nearly on autopilot with A.I. – for a fraction of the cost (this site was built with it).

This relatively new and rapidly growing software is a game-changer for architecture firms and illustrators who want to focus more on their craft and less on self-promotion.

Starts at: $970/year ($80/month)

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Hi, I'm Brian Lemmerman!

I help architects and urban designers render their designs in an appealing way so their clients can make confident design approvals and watch their investments come to life without getting hung-up on details found in rigid computer drawings.

I also help you attract better clients with less effort using A.I. driven communication and rendering tools.

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